Real Estate Marketing Technology

real-estate-mobile-appDue to the fact that the real estate industry has to cover numerous regions and are required to offer customers an all-inclusive service, it means that technology plays a big part in the way they go about their marketing. Technology has evolved very quickly over the last decade or so. Back in the day, you just had a pager as your means to communicate if you worked in the industry. Nowadays, things are  very different & our real estate agents are a lot more accessible. Obviously, this means that more of their time is taken-up with customer interaction so it is important that they utilize technology to help with their marketing burdens.

Useful Apps for Real Estate

Location-based applications. Have been flooding the market over the last few years. These are applications that help to assist buyers looking to find available properties in their area. Once you have signed-up to the app, it will use your phones built-in GPS system to establish your location. The app can then retrieve real estate data for properties in your area.

ShopAlerts is a service that was developed by a company called Placecast. This clever service allows its users to opt in to receive marketing information via messages on their mobile phone. This isn’t necessarily being used in the real estate sector at the moment but they are sure to start implementing it. At the moment, its more so users can be made aware when they are near a favourite store for instance. If this was adapted, then it could be used to show users when they are in the vicinity of a property that’s on the market.

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